Haitian Patty

Growing up as a little girl, Haitian patties were my favorite and still is. Now, one of my favorite so called Haitian Patty maker was a woman by the name of Darline. You must be wondering how I remembered her name. Well, we had something in common, we had the same name. I could just close my eyes and all the memories would come back to me. The taste and people waiting in lines under the hot sun. I started making my own when I was old enough and I became a pro at making Haitian patties. I even started my own tradition on Christmas Eve and new year eve . We ate Haitian patties with fried pork (grio), fried plantains (bannan Peze), with a side of spicy slaw (piklis). To start you off with the new year, I want to share the recipe with you. Hope you enjoy it!